Welcome Employers!

On behalf of the Elmore County Work-Based Learning/Cooperative Education Program, thank you for your willingness to partner with our program to employ Elmore County students.

Work-based learning is a major component of career and technical education.  Improved skills lead to higher efficiency and the availability of a better-trained labor pool that encourages business growth and productivity. Well-managed work-based learning experiences build confidence in the school system and have benefits for the student, employer, mentor, school, and community.

The purpose of WBL is to provide work-based experiences in approved training stations that typically cannot be obtained in the classroom. Additional goals of the WBL program are to make learning relevant, improve graduation rate, and better prepare students for careers or continued education and to connect information learned in the classroom with skills obtained in an occupational setting.

Participating employers agree to serve as training stations/agencies providing placements for students to complete work-based learning experiences.  Training mentors are responsible for evaluating student performance, ensuring that students are scheduled to meet the minimum work hours required as participants in an apprenticeship or internship, as defined in the Training Agreement, and for providing rigorous and progressive employment experiences.

Students, Parents, Employers, the Coordinator, and the CTE Director sign a Training Agreement, which explains expectations for all parties as participants in the training program.